Lori Ann Hergan, MD

Board Certified Urologist located in Hemet, CA

About Lori Ann Hergan, MD

Lori Ann Herga, MD has been treating patients for urological conditions since 2002. She has an award-winning reputation. In her first position at Sharp Rees-Stealy she received Guardian Angel awards. These are donations given by patients to causes within her medical; group on behalf of the physician. Dr. Hergan received 52 Guardian Angel Awards. Dr. Hergan has always received the highest patient satisfaction scores of all 8 urologists in the group while at Sharp. Dr. Hergan enjoys the interaction with the patient and helping relieve their symptoms the most. Dr. Hergan treats all male and female urological problems including incontinence, enlarged prostate, kidney stones and erectile dysfunction. She offers non-surgical and surgical interventions for these problems and more. 

Dr. Hergan received her medical degree from SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY in 2002. In 2008 she graduated from The University of California San Diego. She has published articles in the following journals: Journal of Urology and Urology. On article was regarding kidney stones and giving an oral medication to help pass the stones. The other was regarding an injection to help relieve the pain associated with prostate biopsies. These methods have since been used by urologists around the world. 

Dr. Hergan grew up in upstate New York. She moved to the southern California in 2002 to do her residency and decided to stay. She moved to Hemet in September 2023. She enjoys spending time with her family and traveling. She is an avid skier she loves going to Mammoth. She is looking forward to treating your urological conditions.