Jessey M Johnson, MSN. FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner located in Hemet, CA

About Jessey M Johnson, MSN. FNP-C

Jessy M. Johnson, MSN/FNP-C is a board-certified female nurse practitioner. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at St. John's National Academy of Health Sciences in India. 

Her passion for nursing led her to pursue a degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner at University of Phoenix and graduated with honors in 2017. She received her certification from the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, after doing an internship in many settings with specialization in geriatrics, adults, pediatrics, women's Health, and urology. 

She realizes the need of healthcare providers is an ongoing Global issue with a significant concern in healthcare services. She believes that she can make a difference in addressing that concern by providing qualitative, compassionate, and culturally sensitive care to her patients.